ROAR invites international participants from different fields who are motivated to commit to an immersive period of study, reflection, physical practice, collective exchange and exposure to a wide variety of performance-making tools and approaches. All teachers come from a multidisciplinary background, with a firm background in contemporary dance and somatic movement exploration.

The program is limited to 18 participants.


  • Previous dance education: to apply you do not need a previous formal dance education. However, it is essential that you have familiarity with a personal practice of movement exploration and that you are ready to embark in an intensive period of physical work and collective experimentation. The workshops are based on the idea of inclusivity and valorization of each person's skills. However, the 3 months can be a challenging period of learning, so it will support your process if you are already familiar to some degree with improvising, dancing and exchanging verbal feedbacks in a group setting.

  • Spoken language: all activities are held in English. It is important that you are comfortable in articulating your stream of thoughts in English, specially during the classes which are more based on verbal exchange.

  • Space to develop own work: the program is not intended for applicants who are looking for space/time/facilities to develop their own choreographic work. The work happens mostly in a group setting, and although many of the teachers' proposals involve individual exploration, the overall focus is still on developing a community culture during the 3 months.

  • Scholarships: at this moment we are not able to offer any scholarship position; as a non-funded program our activities rely entirely on the financial contribution of the participants. However, if you plan to apply for a grant to a third institution, we can provide you with a support letter if required.

  • Food and accommodation during the program: the fee is not inclusive of food nor accommodation. Please consider that costs of living in Berlin have been increasing in the last years, you should expect the average cost of your accommodation (i.e. single room) to be around 350€/month.

Participants must submit their application by
Apr 25, 2019.


  • 3-min non-edited video of you improvising alone

  • 1-min non-edited video of you introducing yourself

  • portrait picture

  • short bio + a letter of motivation

The fee is 1900€ when paid in one sum by May 25, 2019 or 2000€ when paid in three installments within the following deadlines:

  • 1st installment (700€) by May 25, 2019

  • 2nd installment (700€) by June 25, 2019

  • 3rd installment (600€) by August 20, 2019


NOTE ON OUR PRICING POLICY: ROAR BERLIN is an independent project that exists in the Berlin art scene without the support of any public/private funding besides the tuition fees paid by the participants. The prices for the 3-month program are the lowest we can currently offer. All teachers and management staff are paid with low wages to keep the fees contained, and there is a huge amount of love, care and dedication that goes in the making of the program. Signing the contract is binding and the payment cannot be refunded in case of non-participation in the program.


Photography: Diego Agulló